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Would you like to have thousands of trade professionals read your message every day?   Now it is possible, because the famous Ex/Im Daily Bugle, known for over 15 years for keeping export/import regulators and industry specialists informed of all important changes in local and foreign export and import regulations (ATF, Customs, EAR, FACR/OFAC, FTR/AES, HTSUS, ITAR, and NISPOM) will soon feature the advertising of a few select clients.

What is the Daily Bugle?

The Export/Import Daily Update (nicknamed “The Daily Bugle” by readers) is a daily email newsletter (not a blog), sent to thousands of subscribers at the end of every business day.  In addition to changes in all the important laws and regulations, the Bugle includes news articles and commentaries from trade attorneys and specialists.  Each edition is edited by trade attorney and author James E. Bartlett III, and published by Full Circle Compliance, of Amsterdam and Washington DC.

Who Will See Your Message?

Every subscriber is a trade professional who personally asked for the Daily Bugle, as we accept no bulk or third-party subscriptions.  The Bugle has over 6000 subscribers at over 500 companies, universities, and government agencies, and receives an average of five to ten new subscription requests every day. Many of those are companies addresses of a single subscriber who forwards it to others in the company or posts it on a company website.

Advertising Opportunities

The Daily Bugle provides several spaces for you to advertise your message effectively, and we can even assist you in designing tailored advertisement banners via our connection with a world-class marketing & design agency.

Please find here the technical specifications for your advertisement banner in the Daily Bugle. These technical specifications will assist you in submitting a banner that confirms to our Banner Specification Requirements.  Morever, the terms and conditions for advertising in the Daily Bugle can be found here.

Contact us to learn more about our advertising opportunities or purchase your advertisement space here today via our web tool.

Order Process

  1. On this page, specify the days you would like your advertisement to be displayed in the Daily Bugle. In the event that you want your advertisement to be displayed on recurring days, e.g. on only Mondays, please provide this information on the following page in the “notes section”. The number of Mondays must be equal to the number of days specified above. After specifying the number of days you would like your advertisement to be displayed and would like to place your order, click on the ‘Confirm Order’ button, this will start the process of reserving advertisement space in the Daily Bugle for the days you have indicated.
  2. In the following checkout page, please specify the billing details for your order. Moreover, you will also create an account on this page, which will allow you to monitor your order, pay for the advertisement space, and upload your advertisement banner.  Also, you are able to add a note to your order, if necessary, such as specific recurring advertising dates. In the bottom of this page, you will see a detailed overview of the selected advertisement, and the Order Total. By clicking the button ‘Request Confirmation’ your order will enter our system and we will start our process of reviewing your order in regards to any company conflicts. Within 2 business days we will confirm whether or not the process will move forward and will inform you of any next steps. Prior to our confirmation you will not be charged for the advertisement space.
  3. On the page following the checkout page you will see the details of your placed order – in an overview.  Once we have performed our review process you will receive a confirmation email, which will indicate payment steps, and will allow you to upload your advertisement banner to us.
  4. To get insight into your running and completed orders, please see the ‘My Account’ section. Here you will be able to get an overview of placed orders, submitted orders and completed orders. Also you will be able to make payments, upload banner files, cancel an order or view order specifics.

Job Opening

Thank you for your interest in posting a job opening with us. We posts jobs in our Export/Import Daily Update (“The Daily Bugle”) newsletter every Monday.  There are currently no costs associated with posting in our Monday job list, and we will list the opening for you until the job has been filled.  However, we are in the process of developing a job platform on our website, which might cause us to start charging for job openings in the future.  We post job openings in the following format in the Daily Bugle:



* Accenture; Chicago; Director of Legal Services – Trade Compliance (APAC); Requisition ID: 60292774

* Amazon; Munich; Trade Compliance Program Manager; Requisition ID: 309336

* Amber Road; McLean VA; Associate Product Manager – Export/Import;

* ASML; Wilton CT; Free Trade Zone Manager;; Requisition ID: US01941

* United Technologies Corporation – Corporate Headquarters; Farmington CT; Manager Import Compliance; Requisition ID: 9800BR

If you would like to post a job opening with us please provide the information in this format to

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