Educating Talent


The FCC Academy is an organization that specializes in developing high-impact training programs. Our ambition is to support personal and professional development within the context and strategy of your company, and to help increase the value of human capital in your company.

To achieve this aim, we implement, under the concept of “lifelong-learning”, best practices that provide quality, efficiency and innovation, and remain attentive to the changing needs of our clients.

Our portfolio of services and educational skills is broad and multi-competent, and we bring substance and form to the equation; we have a deep knowledge of U.S. and EU compliance-programs (on which regulation in other jurisdictions is often based), and are familiar with standardized methodologies and state-of-the-art frameworks.   Please find below all the education and training services that we can provide your organization with.


Training Services

The FCC Academy can provide your organization with the following services:


  • Tailored Executive Courses
  • Compliance Audit module for consultants, lawyers and auditors
  • Value Chain & Supply Chain Compliance module
  • Customized training for all levels
  • E-learning, tailored to your requirements
  • Advanced regulatory compliance seminars and events
  • Interactive forums with peers

Extract from existing Courses:

Setting the Scene: International Relations

In our introductory course on Trade Compliance we provide an overview of key concepts, developments and institutions in the area of Trade Compliance. This course will give you a basic understanding of what Trade Compliance is, which actors are involved in it, and how they all relate to each other. Hence, this introductory course is the starting point for those who are yet unfamiliar with Trade Compliance.

Obtain understanding of:

  • International relations (political, economical, and military) and developments in the area of Trade Compliance.
  • Fundamental concepts (UN resolutions, bilateral and multilateral treaties).All relevant regulatory authorities (US, EU, National, etc.).
  • Alignment between Trade Compliance and Accounting / Auditing (IFRS, local GAAP, ISA, SoX).
  • Common law versus civil law and different jurisdictions.
The “Know-How”: International Trade Regulations

FCC’s Know-How course delves deeper into Trade Compliance by helping you to familiarize yourself with the most important and frequent regulations that affect globally acting organizations. During this course you will learn the basic inner workings of these regulations: what is their purpose; how do they work; and how do they affect my organization?

Obtain understanding of:

  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (US)
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations (US)
  • Export Administration Regulations (US)
  • International Trade Regulation (EU)
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (US)
  • United Kingdom bribery act
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US)
  • United Nations and European Union sanctions and their implications
  • Multi- and bilateral arrangements and agreements (Wassenaar, MCTR, NBG)
The “Do-How”: Compliance Framework

Our Do-How course builds upon the knowledge obtained in our Know-How course. After gaining knowledge on how the previously mentioned regulations affect your organization we dive in deep by helping you to gain insight into how these regulations affect the day-to-day operations of your organization. Moreover, this course will help you in getting the tools necessary that will assist you in becoming and remaining compliant with all the specific regulations that affect your organization.

Obtain understanding of:

  • Creation budget and calculate operational burden
  • Set up and run a Compliance Function
  • Creating and implementing a Compliance Management System
  • COSO Framework, including Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • FCC International Trade Compliance Framework
  • Capability Maturity Modeling and (Internal) Audit approach
  • IT/ Information security and network architecture (secure collaboration)
  • Tools / Systems analysis
  • Interdepartmental approach (politics) and how to jointly approach Voluntary Self-Disclosures
The New World: Business Ethics & Changes

This particular course is designed to help you to create and maintain the attitude and culture necessary to embed Trade Compliance in your organization. It does so by helping you to ensure that everybody in the organization understands the need to be compliant with the regulations that affect your organization. More importantly, this will course will provide you with the insights that will help you to create a culture and instill behavioral patterns into your organization that will allow it to become and remain Trade Compliant.

Obtain understanding of:

  • Corporate (compliance) culture and how to influence behavior
  • Designing the organizational structure, policies and procedures (linkage to corporate integrity manuals and code of conduct)
  • Creating soft and bureaucratic controls, hence steering on behavioral KPIs
  • Differences between corporate and geographical cultures
  • Making compliance a second nature in respect of culture and attitude towards compliance
  • Reporting the financial and regulatory information necessary in order to remain trade compliant

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